1. Freaky, Nasty (B. Ames Mashup Mix)
    Various Artists

  2. 10% Ha (B. Ames Vogue Mix) : KAYTRANADA & Kali Uchis

  3. Beyoncé Likes Her Numbers, Pt. 2

  4. Desire (B. Ames Remix)
    Years & Years

  5. Savage (B. Ames Remix)
    Megan Thee Stallion

  6. Say So (B. Ames Remix)
    Doja Cat

  7. Tease (feat. Pebbles)

  8. BMA (Expanded)

  9. Independent Women (B. Ames Remix)
    Destiny's Child

  10. You Gotta Be (Demo Version)

  11. That's Right (Feat. Commentator Buddah) [Underground Mix]

  12. Sniffles - Single

  13. The Freak Mix

  14. Vogue Rich Girl

  15. So Emotional (B. Ames Remix)
    Whitney Houston

  16. No Tears Left to Cry (B. Ames Remix)
    Ariana Grande

  17. The Conga Ha (feat. Gloria Estefan)

  18. Miss Vanjie (B. Ames Mix) [feat. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo]

  19. BMA (Deluxe)

  20. Bunny Bounce - Single

  21. Lose My Breath (B. Ames Remix) V2
    Destiny's Child

  22. Déjà Vu (B. Ames Remix) [Feat. Jay-Z]

  23. BMA

  24. Shine (B. Ames Remix)
    Years & Years

  25. Company (B. Ames Get In My Bed Mix)

  26. Light My Body Up (B. Ames Remix)
    Nicki Minaj

  27. Push to Win

  28. Performance Like Tamiyah

  29. Side to Side (B. Ames Remix) [feat. Nicki Minaj]
    Ariana Grande

  30. Into You (B. Ames Remix)
    Ariana Grande

  31. Soft Like Asia

  32. Make This Kitty Purr (feat. Tina Belcher)

  33. I Am Naomi Smalls

  34. The Formation Project - Beyoncé

  35. Unreleased, Pt. 2 - Mixtape

  36. Thorgy With a T (feat. Thorgy Thor)

  37. Warrior (B. Ames Remix)

  38. G.U.Y. (B. Ames Remix)
    Lady GaGa

  39. Your Body (B. Ames Remix)
    Christina Aguilera

  40. Thick N' Juicy (B. Ames Mix) [feat. Roxxxy Andrews]

  41. 4 WERKS

  42. Sniffles (The Bump Dub)

  43. Tuna On a Platter (B. Ames Mix) [feat. Jade Jolie]

  44. RuPaul's Drag Race (B. Ames Season 5 Cast Mix)

  45. Drop Dead Gorgeous (feat. Alyssa Edwards) [B. Ames Mix]

  46. Go Off (B. Ames Remix)
    Sahara Davenport

  47. Love Sex Magic (B. Ames Remix) [feat. Justin Timberlake]

  48. Little Man (B. Ames Remix)
    Little Dragon

  49. Feed Me Diamonds (B. Ames Remix)

  50. Got Me Good (B. Ames Remix)

  51. Whip It (B. Ames Vogue House Edit) - Nicki Minaj

  52. Chasing Time (B. Ames Remix)
    Azealia Banks

  53. Before The Heartbeats - Mixtape

  54. Naughty Girl (B. Ames Remix)

  55. Hot Couture (B. Ames Remix)
    Manila Luzon

  56. Pump With Me (B. Ames Remix)
    Sahara Davenport

  57. Government Hooker (B. Ames Remix)
    Lady GaGa

  58. Sherlock's Fantastic Troublemaker (B. Ames Mix)

  59. Vogue If Ya' Nasty

  60. Bobblehead Cunt (B. Ames Vogue Mix) [feat. Christina Aguilera]

  61. Pon Pon Pon Ha (Vogue Beat) [feat. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu]

  62. Battle of The Glamazons (feat. Legendary Mariah Paris Balenciaga & RuPaul)

  63. Blue Jeans (B. Ames Runway Edit)
    Lana Del Rey

  64. Unreleased Pt. 1 - Mixtape

  65. RuPaul's Drag Race (B. Ames' Season 4 Cast Remix)

  66. End Of Time (B. Ames Remix)

  67. Been a Bad Girl / Steer Ha (feat. Khia)

  68. Cockiness (B. Ames Remix)

  69. These Boots (B. Ames Remix)
    Nancy Sinatra

  70. Sixth Sense (B. Ames Remixes)
    Brown Eyed Girls

  71. Push Push (B. Ames Remix)

  72. Party (B. Ames Remix) [feat. Kanye West]

  73. Peacock (B. Ames Remix)
    Katy Perry

  74. Countdown (B. Ames Remix)

  75. Cunt & Dangerous - Demo EP

  76. Kio's Mix (That Voguing Beat) - Single

  77. I Am The Best (B. Ames Remix Dub)

  78. No Lyrics (Just Beats) - Mini Mixtape

  79. Sign (B. Ames Mix-Vogue-Dub)
    Brown Eyed Girls

  80. Best Thing I Never Had (B. Ames Remix)

  81. Beyoncé Likes Her Numbers

  82. Super Hair Ha (Vogue Beat)

  83. Rolling In The Deep (B. Ames Remix)

  84. S&M (B. Ames Remix)

  85. Work Your Body (feat. Yara Sofia)

  86. Run The World (Girls) [The B. Ames Remixes]

  87. Alexis Mateo : I'm a Drag Queen (B. Ames Mix)

  88. The Leiomy Battle Beat (feat. Icon Amazon Leiomy)

  89. Glamazon (feat. Legendary Mariah Paris Balenciaga)

  90. Hello Little Kitty Cat (Ha)

  91. Hold It Against Me (B. Ames Chaka-Feel Mix)
    Britney Spears

  92. B. Ames Barbie

  93. Werk!

  94. Call Me Laquifa (feat. Shangela) [B. Ames Mix] - Single

  95. Whip My Hair (B. Ames' Dramatics Dub) - Willow Smith

  96. Whip My Hair (B. Ames Soft-N-Cunt Dub) - Willow Smith

  97. Rah Rah Ha (Roman's Revenge Vogue) - Nicki Minaj

  98. This Is NYC Bitch! (B. Ames Remix) - Single
    La' Mady

  99. California Girls (B. Ames Remix) [feat. Snoop Dogg)
    Katy Perry

  100. Massive Attack (B. Ames Remix)
    Nicki Minaj

  101. Like, Really Cunt (Remix) [feat. Jade]

  102. Like, Really Cunt

  103. I'm Not a Bitch (Vogue Mix) [feat. Tyra Sanchez]

  104. Tiny Tunes Mizrahi Ha

  105. Rude Boy (B. Ames Remix)

  106. B. Ames vs. Ellie

  107. You and Me (Extended Remix)

  108. You And Me

  109. Gimmie Dat (Ha)

  110. Bebe's Face (B. Ames Mix) - Bebe Zahara Benet

  111. Attention Freak - EP


B. Ames New Orleans, Louisiana

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